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About Us

Monday Art Group was established in January 2013, to allow artists, irrespective of their level of ability and selected media, to work together in an environment which shares skills, knowledge and ideas.

Tuition is available from Katharine Laird if desired. There are no 'set themes' and you can paint what you fancy. A large number of images are available for Members to use.

All Members are all keen to exhibit and sell their work whenever possible. Examples of Members' work can be found in the Gallery - Members Pics.

Monday Art Group comprises a mixture of men and women in a wide age range. We meet each Monday (9.30-12.30) at Wychwood Village Hall. There is an annual membership fee of £15.00 (payable in January) and each weekly session costs £5.00 - if you attend. We are a friendly and happy group and can promise you a very nice welcome.